Water Audit

A water audit survey balances what is being paid in water charges, against what should be paid. Our auditors’ water survey on site will highlight potential savings in consumption, water wastage, water leaks and advise on environmental safe guards. Our highly skilled staff will walk you through the process of becoming a steward of water conservation. We will assist you in stepping up an inventory of UAC, non-functional meters, illegal connections, water availability statistics, water consumption patterns and water bill validation. We will then use our CIT Water Audit software to calculate all the Non-Revenue Water.

CIT  assists municipalities to conduct a field survey in all the suburbs with the aim of identifying:

  •  Non-functional meters and illegal connections
  • Water leakages through burst and leaking pipes
  •  Water availability statistics (frequency, duration and quality)
  •  Water bill validation (comparison estimated meter readings with onsite meter readings)
  •  Water consumption pattern (water uses)

Once the field survey is completed, we will produce detailed reports of all the inventory of all functional, non-functional and illegal connections. Number and locations of all burst and leaking pipes.

Water loss control produces benefits which include:

  • Financially, by optimizing revenue recovery and promoting equity among ratepayers
  • Through water resources management, by limiting unnecessary or wasteful source water withdrawals
  • Operationally, by minimizing distribution system disruptions, optimizing supply efficiency, and generating reliable performance data
  • Through system integrity, by reducing the potential for contamination in the water distribution system.