Urban Land Information Management System

Land management is characterised by several challenges, such as – inefficient revenue management, disparate data, time-consuming data retrieval processes, redundant information, error-laden manual records, overlapping allocations, and inefficient reporting. These challenges can lead to huge economic losses for an organisation and the country. An efficient GIS-centric land management system will help streamline local authorities’ activities. CIT provides a Land Information Management System, capable of managing all documents pertaining to land GIS, from quires on land transactions to the financial aspects of land dealings. CIT’s solution caters to three important aspects of land management – land survey and mapping, land registration and valuation, and land policy implementation.


  • Automates all land-related functions and payments
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing applications and systems
  • Improves exchange of information and communication via a central repository
  • Increases revenue collection via identification and mapping of revenue sources and asset inventories
  • Streamlines service delivery
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