Spatial Data Collection

With expertise in remote sensing, GIS and data management, our specialists develop datasets and analyses that allow you to observe and understand key Geographic information. Working with your team, we employ a wide range of geospatial data to provide innovative solutions to your challenge. Our GIS experts deliver the very best GIS data to each client. We offer not only a solid understanding of GPS, but the expertise to locate or map all your properties. For instance, residential properties, water reticulation system i.e. meters, valves, pipes, hydrants etc, sewer network system.  Our work ethic and commitment to location investigation is second to none

Example of data collection service to Local Authorities Boards

The data collection efforts to improve spatial data are guided by three main objectives:

  •  The ultimate results should be a database with data to meet the requirements of a municipality
  • In addition to data availability it is important to maintain high quality data standards.
  •  Lastly, the team of GIS specialist aims to apply efficient data collection methods and technology to ensure timeously acquisition and data loading
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