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We specialise in the development of standard and custom software solutions for business, corporate and local government sectors. Our Software applications are easy to use, innovative and technologically state-of-the art.

Based strictly on well-established, optimised main stream technologies, our applications are of industrial strength robustness to help ensure that our customers can rely on them day-in and day-out with minimum disruptions to their organisations. We consider the application of robust project management methodologies and best practices to be crucial contributors towards the success of our projects.

Our skilled and experienced team of software engineers keep a strong focus on the long-term sustainability of our applications in order to help ensure excellent returns for our customers regarding their investment in the products and services from our company.

Some of our core software:

An Enteprise Resource Planning system for Rural and Urban Councils

Streamline your processes across procurement, manufacturing, sales, finance & accounting and HR with CITERP.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate Information Silos
  • Automate Core Council processes (include utility billing)
  • Make Better Decisions

CITREAL –  GIS real eastate management systsem

The system is mainly for companies that have properties across different locations, so our system helps in the management of the properties using GIS and Artificial Intelligence for price predictions.

Key Benefits

  • Finances Are Easier to Monitor
  • Property Management Is Efficient
  • Accounting Will Be Simple
  • Quick Access to Information
  • Online Security

Customer Relationship Management

We have built a strategy for managing an organization’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Better client relationships
  • Improved ability to cross-sell
  • Increased team colloration
  • Improved efficiency in serving clients
  • Greater staff satisfaction. 

Driving School Booking System

The booking software of CIT is useful to manage schedule, appointments, staff scheduling and resource planning of driving schools.

Key Benefits:

  • Online Bookings 24/7 saves time

  • Runsheets & SMS Reminders

  • Easy to Manage and Generate Reports
  • Powerful Online Diary
  • Online Payments

Hospital Management system

A solution that automates processes at  a medical institution.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Access To Patient Data
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduces Scope of Error
  • Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability
  • Improved Patient Care
  • Better revenue management
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