Internal Desktop GIS Applications

We assist with the provision and installation of ArcGIS products as well as other software such as QGIS and Google Earth. The desktop GIS provides the ability to see your data on a map and analyse it to reveal patterns, relationships and trends that are not readily apparent in tabular data, improving your decision making.

The Power of Place

Hidden in most data is a geographical component that can be tied to place: an address, postal code, global positioning system location, census block, city, region, or country. Geographic information system (GIS) software lets you see, explore, and analyze data by location, revealing hidden patterns, relationships, and trends that are not readily apparent in spreadsheets or statistical packages.

Who Uses ArcGIS and QGIS?

Local Authorities and RDC use ArcGIS and QGIS to manage local zoning, land use, and other municipal services. Bankers map mortgage loans. Law enforcement officials track and analyze crime incidents with ArcGIS and QGIS. Real estate developers locate new commercial development sites.

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